Video Benchmarks

In Q2, Extreme Reach saw CTV impressions return to a level more akin to that in 2019, but desktop and mobile remain strong. This suggests the multi-device household with family members needing to find spots in the home to consume media without interfering with each other is still a big factor.

Another interesting observation from the report is that ads with a 30-second duration, which came to prominence alongside CTV, continued to grow as a share of all impressions. While that has been the trend, the anomaly is that completion rates, which are generally incredibly high given they can’t be skipped on CTV, decreased slightly in Q2.

Extreme Reach provides a comprehensive report on the latest performance metrics for video ads in its quarterly reports. Results cover:

  • Impressions by media type, ad length, and device
  • Video completion rate (VCR) average and by media type, ad length, and device
  •  Average time spent by ad length
  • General invalid traffic filtered rates (GIVT), including for premium publishers vs. media aggregator

Read the full report here.