Innovation Driven Chicago Startups Get Free Marketing Advice

Chicago, IL – April 5, 2016 – Four Chicago-based companies who are leveraging technology to provide enhanced experiences and planning services for travelers and the travel industry will work with senior marketers in the sixth Chicago Marketing Sparks program led by advertising agency MARC USA in partnership with 1871.

The growing program has provided expert marketing advice to start-ups across various industries in Chicago from Women-led companies to Veteran-led initiatives, to food service and financial services companies.  The Marketing Sparks program, created by MARC USA, brings seasoned marketers from well-established brands together with entrepreneurs in an intensive three-hour marketing “hack,” that provides the start-ups with actionable marketing strategies that can measurably impact their success. MARC USA has hosted almost a dozen Marketing Sparks events in Chicago and Pittsburgh.

“This program has been hugely successful in helping all participants—both the established marketers and newer entities—come away with ideas for how to think differently about activating their brands in new ways,” explained Jean McLaren, President of MARC USA Chicago.

The start-up companies participating on April 5 include:

  • Georama is a real-time, digitally-simulated tour platform, utilizing live feed technology to virtually bring the outside in to its users that enables everything from online campus visits for students to an opportunity for patients in a hospital to experience the outside.
  • TRYTN is a Microsoft-sponsored online platform, providing a gateway for activity bookings, as well as an online marketing presence for excursion providers and a back office tool to manage their business.
  • SweetenTheRide is a global platform that connects amateur athletes across the country with transportation and other logistics planning for event participation.
  • TrackMap is a travel-related social network that allows users to diary every aspect of their travels, as well as share their travel experiences with friends, family and followers.

“Marketing Sparks has been a tremendously valuable program for our companies, ” said 1871 CEO Howard A. Tullman. “1871 members benefit from a wide range of educational resources created specifically to help them develop their businesses. We are looking forward to several more events this year in Chicago that we know will be well received.”

Recent Marketing Sparks participant Kristen Holman, co-founder of Pay Your Selfie, couldn’t agree more. “The counsel at Marketing Sparks was invaluable. We shifted our business plan after that night, and now MARC USA is looking for potential ways to introduce us to some of their retail clients.” Holman added.”

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