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  • 4A's Launches Digital Ops Committee

    The new committee will focus on issues related to the digital supply chain. Read Now on MediaPost

  • 4A's Consulted on New Smithsonian Exhibit

    "American Enterprise" includes a section on the advertising industry and its role in American business.
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  • Media Rating Council Announces Latest Viewable Impression Study Results

    Read now on PR Newswire

  • Op-Ed: 4A's Perspective on Media Rebates & Industry Transparency

    Nancy Hill, 4A's President and CEO, discusses the 4A's viewpoint and actions in this June 18 Op-Ed on Read Now

  • ANA and 4A's Unveil "Transparency" Task Force to Tackle Rebate Concerns

    The cross-industry task force is to establish best practices in transparency. Read now on

  • 4A's 2015 Labor Hourly Billing Rate Survey Report

    July 06, 2015

    This report covers actual hourly rates agreed upon between agencies and clients in 2014, and provides the industry with labor billing rate information.

    Havas Worldwide Chicago promotes Tatia Torrey to Chief Client Officer

    July 23, 2015

    Havas Worldwide Chicago today announced the promotion of Tatia Torrey to Chief Client Officer.

    4A's Forms New Digital Operations and Technology Committee

    July 27, 2015

    The 4A's has established a Digital Operations and Technology Committee to address issues related to the digital supply chain for its member agencies.
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    Jul 28

    Content Rights Management: “Rules of the Road” for Social Media

    Webinar: A must-attend for senior personnel who work with clients and in-house legal counsel, this webinar discusses some of the key intellectual property issues raised by social media.

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    Aug 18

    Getting Started on Strategy

    Webinar: The hardest part of developing a powerful strategy is often getting started. Join Robin Hafitz of Open Mind Strategy, as she teaches concrete exercises to develop strategies from scratch. Suitable for both junior and senior strategists.

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    Sep 10

    Creativity and Innovation

    Webinar: Agencies are under more pressure than ever to provide innovative, creative solutions to clients' challenges. Join business and strategic consultant Nancie Ruder, and learn ways to be creative despite deadlines, client pressures, and other challenges.

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    Oct 7

    Virtual IAAS

    Training: The 4A's Virtual Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies is a comprehensive training program that helps promising young talent jump-start their careers and increase their contribution to their agencies.

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