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Ideas for Travel Content Marketing: What Attracts Russian Travelers |

Research Services

In this blog, RMAA Group gives tips on how to attract Russian travelers with content marketing. Check out three recommended blog sites to promote your destination and learn about different content types ranging from news/informational to advertising/video/viral, and more.

International Creative Consultants |

Research Services

The following creative consultants offer services in the implementation of international advertising, such as adaptation and co-development of creative work for foreign markets.

Visualizing Diversity in Advertising Around the World |

Research Services

Shutterstock surveyed marketers around the world to find out how they’re incorporating diverse imagery in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Insights from 4A’s Research | AI: Your Next Creative Partner

Research Services

Stacie Calabrese, Manager, 4A’s Research, outlines how agencies use AI to enhance output and make innovative campaigns.

The SoDA Report | Global Digital Outlook |

Research Services

SoDA and Forrester feature research digital trends to watch, growth in digital marketing budgets, agency landscape trends, and client-agency relations.

Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry Retires “He Went To Jared” and Unveils a New Brand Statement and Campaign

4A's Member

Durham, NC, November 5, 2018 — Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry is embracing change in a big way this holiday season, with a bold, new campaign celebrating love and devotion in a world where commitment might seem old-fashioned but actually means more than ever to a younger generation. The fully integrated campaign is the first […]

Inside the Campaign: “Uncle Roberto” tells a story every U.S. Hispanic can relate to in the latest brand spot by ALMA

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The Hispanic Gen Z struggle is real. Born and raised in the U.S., they often find language and cultural barriers keeping them from truly connecting with their extended family from Latin America. But there’s one place that is never lost in translation: McDonald’s. “Uncle Roberto” tells a story every U.S. Hispanic can relate to in the latest brand spot by ALMA.

Inside the Campaign: “Tree-Roll” – Don’t skip this pre-roll ad and Busch will plant a tree

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Busch and Deutsch have put a special spin on pre-roll with the debut of “Tree-Roll,” which supports Busch’s partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Viewers who decide not to skip the YouTube ad and stay until the end will have a tree planted by Busch on their behalf, equivalent to $1 donation to the NFF.* Giving people the power to actively contribute to the cause, in an unmistakably Busch way, was important to Busch and creative partner Deutsch.

Inside the Campaign: Friendship Dairies’ Parody Campaign for Cottage Cheese Highlights What’s Real and What’s Ridiculous

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A satirical ad campaign for Friendship Dairies, to introduce its single serve, Fruit on the Bottom cottage cheese snack, was created by Rochester, New York-based agency Partners + Napier.

Inside the Campaign: Deutsch’s DraftKings and “Barkley Knows Bets”

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DraftKings is bringing back last year’s iconic character, Dr. AftKings, who diagnoses fans that are suffering from a range of new sports-related disorders. The cure? DraftKings Sportsbook. One of his patients is Charles Barkley who appears in two of the spots as well as “Barkley Knows Bets,” a series of digital films that helps teach U.S. sports fans about the ins and outs of betting. Together, Dr. Aftkings and Charles Barkley use a lighthearted, comedic approach to educate fans about the various benefits of DraftKings Sportsbook. Created in collaboration with Deutsch, the campaign launched on Monday, August 13th.

Bringing Working Culture into the 21st Century

Third Party Content

CreativeBrief explores the state of agency working culture today.

Inside the Campaign: Fandom is at the Hilarious Centerof “Fansville,” Where Dr Pepper and College Football are Everything

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Dr Pepper is the fuel for college football fandom, and its new marketing campaign for the 2018-2019 season – Fansville – is a parody TV show drama that captures the emotional rollercoaster of college football fandom. The episodic-like campaign, created by Deutsch, tells the stories of passionate fans in a fun and humorous way through recognizable characters such as Brian Bosworth, Eddie George and Les Miles.

Inside the Campaign: “Just Imagine” Allen & Gerritsen Rebrands Museum of Science, Boston

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Allen & Gerritsen (A&G) and the Museum of Science marketing and design teams have delivered a fresh perspective on how the Museum of Science looks, feels, and sounds to the world inside and outside the iconic building that connects Boston and Cambridge. Created with an eye towards the future of STEM learning, the campaign inspires kids and adults, educators and donors, employees and volunteers to do one simple thing: Just Imagine.

Inside the Campaign: Ignited and Soylent Launch “Need/Want” Campaign

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In this Inside the Campaign, Soylent came to Ignited looking for a campaign that would drive topline revenue and generate awareness—quickly. This aggressive goal, combined with Soylent’s extremely driven, time-strapped audience of dreamers, makers and doers, presented us with a unique challenge. Soylent customers recognize the importance of fueling their body for success and yet, their ambitions and busy schedules are often at odds with their nutritional needs. To win them over, our campaign had to be both compelling and catch their attention ASAP.

Organizing Your Agency for Social: Social Media Team Frameworks, Staffing & Future-Proofing

Available to non-members for a limited time. The 4As’ social media committee has written a comprehensive white paper to help agencies organize a social media practice for sustainability and success for their clients and business.