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Better Storytelling

A good story piques interest, holds it, and rewards it. Learn how to tell a good story every time from the people who do it on a nightly basis.

Writers Room Brainstorming Intensive

Bring UCB writers and comedians to the table with your agency’s creative team to change up the brainstorming process.

Agency Team Building

Learn to communicate and collaborate better, faster, stronger – using improv and storytelling techniques.

How to Give a Mic Drop–Worthy Presentation

Learn how the tools and techniques of improv can help you become a more connected and compelling presenter.

83rd Analysis Of Agency Costs Survey Report for Agencies with Gross Income Over 13.5 Million

83rd Analysis Of Agency Costs Survey Report for Agencies with Gross Income Over 13.5 Million with 2016 data

83rd Analysis Of Agency Costs Survey Report for Agencies with Gross Income Up to 13.5 Million

83rd Analysis Of Agency Costs Survey Report for Agencies with Gross Income Up to 13.5 Million with 2016 data


The mission of this workshop is to teach women (and men) everything they need to learn at the poker table to be successful and competitive at the conference table. It is not about gambling. It’s about building confidence, learning to read people, becoming a better negotiator and being assertive and bold at the right time.


Learn the master techniques for identifying performance gaps in your team and how to bring out their best to get the results you need.


Move from individual contributor to a leader of others, whether they directly report to you or not.

Coaching Your Team To Success

Learn how to coach your direct reports, not just direct them, for ultimate success.

Mastering Tricky Conversations and Giving Feedback

Learn how to get and keep the support of others to build stronger relationships and increase engagement and commitment.


Manage anxiety, master delivery, and captivate your audience through a compelling and memorable message that drives business results. You speak volumes – even before you’ve said a single word. From the way you use your hands, eyes and mouth to the way you give pause, pace and pitch to your voice, you are constantly broadcasting how you really feel – as well as how your audience should feel about you and your organization.

Present to Connect: Audience Engagement Skills for Every Speaker

Successful presenters can read the room, engage the audience, master difficult Q&A, and create a dialogue rather than a monologue. If you’ve ever spoken to an audience who would clearly rather be somewhere else, this session will provide you with the competence and confidence to engage. Whether you are facing a distracted or hostile group, […]

Platform Skills for Presenting with Power, Persuasion, and Professionalism

Your confidence, competence and credibility show up every time you present to an audience — so make them count!

Structuring a Presentation that Informs, Engages and Sells

Structure your presentation to speak to your listeners’ heads, hearts and guts, no matter the topic, and get to the point without getting lost.

Creating Audience Engagement for an Online Presentation, Learning or Meeting

Presenting online doesn’t have to be an excuse for your listeners to multitask if you know the tips, tools and techniques to keeping virtual audiences actively engaged.

Driving Creativity & Collaboration in a High-Trust Environment

Without trust, teams won’t cooperate, creativity is stifled and effectiveness erodes. Learn to create a high-trust environment, one that fosters respect, collaboration and results.

The Art of Tough Conversations

Difficult conversations aren’t always easy, yet they are a crucial part of leadership. Learn to deliver timely and constructive feedback with greater ease. Being able to effectively address a challenging topic is a vital leadership skill for any employee, especially those who regularly provide feedback to others. This workshop will teach you how to plan and initiate difficult conversations, techniques to recognize and avoid shut-down triggers, and tactics to use if a conversation has gone south.Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to practice using constructive feedback techniques to help develop your skills.

Taming Judgment and Bias in the Workplace

Unconscious bias is a quick and often inaccurate judgment of others and, left untamed, has the potential to disrupt decision making, communication and creative collaboration. At its most basic, unconscious bias is the decisions that we make every day on a subconscious level, based on limited facts and our personal experiences. People can be biased about most anything — not just gender, skin color, or age, but also things like communication style, where you live or where you went to college. It tends to override logical thinking and leads us to make reactionary decisions with less thought. This has a critical impact not only on hiring and retaining employees, but also on collaboration, innovation and results.

Digging For Customer Insights

At the foundation of every successful advertising campaign is a consumer insight — an emotional expression of an unmet need or want that’s not obvious but prompts an “AHA!” when identified.
While marketing strategists often spend a great deal of time developing crystal-clear consumer insights, those insights are sometimes lost when translated into messaging.

Fresh Approaches to Qualitative Research

When embarking on a qualitative research project, the outcome needs to be worth the investment. While we all agree with this in theory, truly actionable and insight-driven research can be hard to achieve. Marketers and advertisers alike need to fully understand, critically evaluate, and use the results of research techniques to make innovative strategic and marketing decisions. This course will teach you how to glean practical insights from the analysis and present those insights as actionable recommendations.

The Best in Campaign Briefs

The campaign brief is the cornerstone of any customer-centric B2B or B2C marketing effort. It’s where the marketing objective, target audience, customer insight, messaging, metrics and channel approach come together in one key document that everyone will read and that will keep them on track. But let’s be honest: writing a brief isn’t easy! And writing a brief brief (pun intended) is even harder.

Is Your Campaign Strategy Sound?

With the explosion of channel choices and ever-increasing demands on consumers’ time and attention, agencies need to be even more diligent in setting sound, intelligent campaign strategies for their clients.

Since intimate knowledge of their products and/or services makes it harder for clients to focus on who may actually want to buy, agency talent must champion the voice of the customer to ensure the strategies will translate into messaging the customer will hear.

The Five Deadly Sins of Presenting Creative Work

If you want to sell more work and win more new business pitches, you’ll need to avoid committing the Five Deadly Sins of Presenting: Blurting, Ad Whispering, Wanderlust, Telepathy and Impalement. In this two-day workshop, veteran global creative director Kerry Feuerman will show you how. You’ll learn how to overcome nervousness, engage an audience, build trust quickly, and present ideas clearly, concisely, and convincingly. Kerry has sold over a billion dollars worth of work around the world for agencies like TBWAChiatDay, Fallon and The Martin Agency. His real-world approach goes far beyond typical presentation skills training. This is a crash course in what it takes to go from presenting to producing.

Finding Your Leadership X Factor

All great leaders evolved from great managers – but not every great manager becomes a great leader.

In this highly interactive one day course, participants will learn what their leadership style is and how to best apply that to their work. We’ll cover all the key skills of leading, from the practical, tangible aspects to the elusive ”X factor” that are the hallmark of truly great leaders. This course is ideal for mid-level employees who are on the cusp of moving into leadership roles or who have been in leadership roles for less than five years.

Becoming A Great Manager

It’s an exciting time when you first become a manager. But all too often in our industry, we give people the title and just expect them to be great at it. The truth is people don’t magically become great managers – it takes focus, skill and training.

During this highly interactive one-day course, we will review core strategies and tools for all aspects of management – from delegation and communication to motivation and influence. This course is ideal for employees who are newly promoted into managerial roles or those who have been managers for less than seven years.

Presenting To Persuade

It doesn’t matter how great a strategy or idea is if it’s not presented in a way that’s both clear and compelling. All too often we don’t pay enough attention to how we present even though it’s one of the most crucial skills in our business.

In this highly interactive one-day course, you will review and apply strategies to optimize all components of successful presentation development and delivery. This course is for any level of employee who develops and delivers presentations internally/externally.

Business Writing

We write proposals, reports, plans, creative briefs, emails and PowerPoint presentations every day. Almost every one of these messages is intended, directly or indirectly, to persuade someone to move toward “yes.”

Effective writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But everyone can follow simple guidelines to make their writing more persuasive. In this workshop, participants will practice what they’re learning with short writing exercises they share with the group.

Embracing The Art Of Selling

In advertising, we don’t like to use the word sales. We’ll call it “organic growth”, “business development” or “presentation.” Yet the greatest tragedy in our business are all the amazing strategies and ideas that die not because the client didn’t buy them – but because we failed to sell them. And every time we fail to sell it hurts both profit margin and portfolios, and ultimately your compensation.

In this highly interactive one-day course, you’ll learn the full art of selling great work. This course is ideal for mid to senior-level employees across departments who sell to internal/external audiences.

Presentation Skills & Business Storytelling

The very best way for people to learn persuasive presentation skills is not to listen, watch and try to emulate, but to practice. In this intense but friendly workshop, participants get a chance to try out what they’re learning in front of the group, with live feedback, in a supportive environment. Each person will make several mini-presentations as they develop their personal style, practice new techniques and learn first-hand what others respond to best about his or her natural style.